Art & Architechture

  • Famous Craft Centres : Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, Dilli Haat
  • Popular Art Galleria : Delhi Art Gallery, Crafts Museum
  • Momumental Architecture : India Gate, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple
  • Evergreen Delhi Artists : M.F.Hussain, Rabin Mondal, Gopal Ghose, H.A. Gade

Reflecting A Myriad Beauty In Its Arts And Architecture

Delhi, over the pages of history, has evolved as an amazing palette of ancient traditions and valued culture, that finds its way through the brushes of eminent artists and amazing craftsmenship. The definition of Delhi cannot be said without the essence of a rich art heritage that dots the beautiful land of this northern state. Still, Delhi doesn't have an art form of its own. The impressive array that you see today is a result of innumerable invasions and migrations that slice the heart of historic Delhi.

In short, it can well be referred as a melting pot of diverse cultures and dreams that has gifted Delhi, its own idiosyncratic way to enchant. Being the capital of the nation, Delhi not only boasts of myriad museums and art galleries but also plays host to a lot of events involving visual and performing arts.

Portraying A Heart of Exquisite Art

With a dream to hold the enthralling world of art in its womb, Delhi came up with many curious museums and worshops of beauty, with a commitment towards creating a greater awareness of Indian art. Way back in 1993, the Delhi Art Gallery was established, showcasing works of a few young and upcoming artists.

Today, as part of their collection, Delhi Art Gallery affords a comprehensive selection of 20th century Indian art and an impeccable blend of modern and contemporary art of India brought from several regions where urban art practice has had its dynamic presence. In keeping with this objective, the gallery started collecting and showcasing the works of artists like Rabin Mondal, Gopal Ghose, Chittaprosad, H.A. Gade, Nikhil Biswas, Laxman Pai, Reddeppa Naidu, Devyani Krishna, Prokash Karmarkar, Ambadas, and Himmat Shah among the others. Wander around the world of beauty and you can even take a few souvenirs with you back.

For a fascinating experience of traditional Indian crafts in textiles, metal, wood and ceramics visit the Crafts Museum, located in the Aditi Pavilion at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Grounds, Mathura Rd. It is part of a village life complex where you can behold a rural lifestyle with the artisans working at their stalls and creating magic with their fingers.

Architecture That Says Wow!

Delhi in itself is an opulent bouquet of architectural heritages that reign the 21st century heart of India. So rich is the heritage - both secular and sacred - ranging from grand Mughal forts to the towering temples portraying exquisite architecture. Somewhere it is the ornate Nagara style, somewhere it is the opulent Gothis architecture. Be it the exquisite Mughal style of construction or the Colonial stairs to beauty, every monument is going to amaze you in its own way.

Visit the world famous Red Fort, nestling amidst the colourful market of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, and experience a magnificent work of art in marble and red sandstone, that still rules the heart of Delhites. Move on to the greens of Central Delhi, embracing some of the finest creations of the Days of the Raj, the colonial India. But, perhaps the most impressive attraction of Delhi is the brand new Akshardham Temple, nestling on the pristine banks of river Yamuna. Built in just five years with the help of 11,000 artisans and volunteers, the temple is a stunning tribute to the grand tradition of Indian temple architecture.

For A Memorable Holiday

The whole of Delhi springs up to life during fairs and festivals, when artists from all over India and abroad crowd here to showcase their individual works of art. Thanks to the 24x7 idea of art exhibitions, everyday is a fair day and tourists can enjoy beauty whenever they wish to. Remember to visit Dilli Haat, if you want to pick up some exquisite regional artefacts and pottery. One can also visit the numerous emporia that line the sprawling avenues of Central Delhi, precisely near the bustling Connaught Circle.

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